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How to Play The Big Lebowski from 888

Guidelines for this 888 slot, featuring the 'Dude'!

The Big Lebowski

How to Play The Big Lebowski

  • The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning combination on the payline.
  • The payout is dependent on the winning combination formed.
  • The game is started by pressing the SPIN button.
  • You can Quick Stop the game by pressing the SPIN button again.
  • Any total win in a game round will be displayed in the WIN field.
  • All wins are multiplied by the bet per line.
  • Bet line wins pay in succession from leftmost to right.
  • Only the highest win per active bet line is paid.
  • The separate bet line wins will be displayed on the bet lines during win presentation.
  • All winning combinations in the game can be viewed in the PAYTABLE.

  • SPIN: Start the next round of action.
  • LINES: The total number of lines in play. In most games, this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
  • BET: The current bet amount per line. In most games, this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
  • MAX BET: Automatically wager the maximum possible bet based on current coin value and # of active paylines.
  • TOTAL BET: The total amount to be wagered in the next spin (calculated by the # of active paylines and bet per line amount).
  • LEVEL: Normally available in levels 1 through 10 (and sometimes 1 through 5), this setting adjusts the number of coins wagered in a round, with level 1 being the lowest number of coins and 10 being the highest. Not available in all games.
  • AUTOPLAY: Activate computer play mode, where the computer plays your spins on your behalf. In most games, you can set the number of autoplay rounds to x10, x25, x50 or x75.
  • PAYTABLE: Displays all winning combinations and payouts available for the current game.
  • PAID: Amount of winnings to be paid to the player during a winning round.
  • JACKPOT: In progressive jackpot games, the current jackpot amount will be shown here.