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Pixies of the Forest from IGT: Slot Review - little fairy friends

Pixies of the Forest is a slot machine by IGT. This GamingRevolution review has assessed its bonus features, from free spins to its tumbling reels feature.

Pixies of the Forest makes a great first impression. The team at IGT has interpreted the mythical theme nicely. As the name of this slot game indicates, Pixies of the Forest invites players into a tastefully-designed world of magical creatures, elf-like pixies and mossy forests.

Pixies of the Forest Screenshot

Special Features

If first impressions are anything to go by (as many like to claim), I expect the features in this online game to be just as good. The gaming journey on Pixies of the Forest certainly starts on a high! By default, IGT included its three-for-one betting system in Pixies of the Forest. This means that a player can ‘purchase’ 99 paylines for 33 coins. This feature makes playing this slot game certainly more exciting. If not more profitable per se, it offers a break from the usual ‘boring’ betting systems in other online slots.

This also applies to IGT’s Tumbling Reels feature, which has also been included in this slot game. This feature does exactly what its name says. The reel tumbles, upon a player receiving a win. First, the winning symbols vanish into thin air and your win amount is up. Next, the symbols from the reel above drop in place. This means that you could potentially bag another win – and, that within a single spin. Furthermore, it is also available in free spins mode. This feature is my favourite, simply because it can enhance winnings immensely. However, as expected, it takes a hell lot of luck to receive Tumbling Reels and free spins in combination, and then be so lucky as to cash in on a second win.

Best Welcome Bonus for Pixies of the Forest

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The theme not only is pleasant on the eye and makes playing this online slot over a prolonged time period easy, but it is also pretty uplifting. The main buttons (coin value and line adjusters), as well as the main displays (winning sum and current coin value), are coloured in fittingly wood brown. Ha, somehow it’s not money, I can smell – instead, playing Pixies of the Forest evokes the smell of moss, stones, bees, and blooming trees, most importantly, the eerie feeling that comes with a visit to the forest.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

The winnings in this IGT slot game are not overly frequent. However, when you hit the right combination, it really pays off. With this in mind, Pixies of the Forest may not be every man’s cup of tea. It certainly caters better for high rollers, willing to take a risk. My best advice to players of this IGT slot machine is to try and prolong the gameplay as much as possible. This can be achieved if you take a look at paylines, coin value and calculate exactly how many spins you will get out of your casino funds. Of course, you can reasonably assume that you will hit some winning combinations along the way; yet, in this slot game, this assumption is a little riskier than in other slot machines. Don't say, I didn't tell you so.

Our Verdict on Pixies of the Forest

Pixies of the Forest is nevertheless one of my favourite IGT slots. Even though you rarely hit the perfect combination, the idea that you could hit it makes this slot machine super thrilling. Free spins and tumbling reels are a winning combination and are further enhanced by IGT’s ingenious betting system.

While I have learnt a lot about IGT slots playing Pixies of the Forest, the only question this game didn’t answer was, ‘where the difference between a pixie and an elf lies?’ Ah, that doesn't matter; In line with the game’s theme, it’s all magic.