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Mafia Madness from 888: Slot Review - mob rules with this slot!

Ready to take down the biggest bank in town with a daring heist? Then check out this game!

This game is all about the infamous mafia and it is a crime-themed slot that is clearly influenced by The Godfather. All you have to do is look at the Don symbol who bears a striking resemblance to Don Corleone himself!

The plot of the game involves the mob trying to take down one of the biggest banks in the city and it is up to you to organise this heist and avoid the cops at all costs.

It is a 5 reel slot game with 20 paylines and comes with features such as Scatter multipliers and a Safe Heist bonus game.

Mafia Madness Screenshot

Special Features

The first thing to highlight is the Wild symbol and this is denoted by a getaway car with an orange background. It substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter and Bonus symbols.

The Scatter symbol is denoted by a gangster toting a Tommy gun. If you land 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels then your original bet will be multiplied based on the number of Scatter symbols you land. For example, if you land 3 Scatter symbols then you will be given 10X and 5 Scatter symbols will give you a whopping 50X multiplier!

The highest paying out symbol in the game is the Don symbol. If you match 5 of these symbols then you will be treated to a 2,000X multiplier!

The Bonus symbol is denoted by a large safe. If you land 3 Bonus symbols across the reels then you will activate the Safe Heist bonus game. This is the standout feature of the game and it involves guiding the mob into the bank where you will need to open up safes, nab the money and then flee from the cops. If you are lucky enough to land 5 Bonus symbols then you will be awarded a lovely 25X multiplier. Land these symbols and the mob will be lapping it up in paradise in no time!

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The game has a real comic-book feel to it and it is visually stunning to play. There is a nice black and white photo that loads up when you start the game and this is a neat way of transporting you back to the 1920s.

The characters are wonderfully illustrated and the Safe Heist feature is an excellent addition to this game as it features wonderful graphics and detail.

The music has a lounge-style quality to it. As you play the game, you will hear gunshots on occasion and this is quite apt considering it is all about the mafia!

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

The game has 20 paylines, a very low RTP of 91.69%, and a maximum payout of 2,000X your line bet!

Below is a summary taken from the PayOut Table from the game. The amount won for each combination depends on the value of the bet when you spin the reels.

Bet Range: 0.20, 0.80, 1.00, 1.60, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 40.00, 100.00, 140.00, 160.00

  • The Don Symbol: 10 for 2X, 75 for 3X, 500 for 4X, 2,000 for 5X
  • Assassin Symbol: 8 for 2X, 50 for 3X, 250 for 4X, 1,500 for 5X
  • The Count Symbol: 4 for 2X, 30 for 3X, 150 for 4X, 600 for 5X
  • Connie Symbol: 2 for 2X, 20 for 3X, 100 for 4X, 500 for 5X
  • Yasmin Symbol: 2 for 2X, 15 for 3X, 75 for 4X, 400 for 5X
  • Tommy Gun Symbol: 2 for 2X, 10 for 3X, 70 for 4X, 300 for 5X
  • Dynamite Symbol: 10 for 3X, 40 for 4X, 250 for 5X
  • Revolver Symbol: 8 for 3X, 35 for 4X, 200 for 5X
  • Handgun Symbol: 5 for 3X, 25 for 4X, 150 for 5X
  • Knives Symbol: 3 for 3X, 10 for 4X, 100 for 5X

Our Verdict on Mafia Madness

Mafia Madness is made by 888 and it’s a nice trip back in time to the 1920s when gangsters ran the town. It has some lovely graphics, a decent maximum payout and not to mention the wonderful Bank Heist feature. If you are a fan of mafia-based slots then this one was tailor-made with you in mind. Suit up with these wise guys and get ready to take down the biggest bank in town!

Crack that safe wide open with Mafia Madness!

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