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What it feels like to win millions.... at Casumo Casino!

2017-05-26 11:51:50

We reported on that the astonishing number of Casumo Casino players that recently won jackpots, and were turned into instant millionaires. In fact, last month, within just 5 days, Casumo had two jackpot hits. We all have an idea of how we think it would feel to win millions: some may think that it didn't really happen, others would immediately pop open the champagne. But what does it really feel like? Casumo interviewed one of its recent winners.

From night shift to 3.3 million Euro

On the 30th of March, a 28-year-old Swede came home after night shift. He was thinking how nice it would be to win millions. With this in mind, he decided to first grab some food and then to log on to his Casumo account. He picked one of the world's most popular jackpot slots, Mega Fortune, and started the game with a €2.50 spin. Seconds later, the lucky winner woke his girlfriend and announced that he thought he had just won 3.3 million Euro. The newly minted millionaire described his girlfriend as having had "a bit of a shock there, in the middle of the night."