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Casumo Casino punters hit the jackpot yet again!

2017-05-02 12:30:00

Jackpot wins, whilst not uncommon, are special occasions for both punters and casinos. Imagine though, two jackpot wins in the space of one week. Such an occurrence arose at Casumo Casino recently, with two players collecting €7,939,246 in total.

Lucky Swede Snaps Up A Life-Changing Sum

On March 30th, a regular Casumo Casino customer from Sweden bagged €3,317,639, hitting NetEnt’s ‘Mega Fortune’ jackpot with a €2.50 spin. The lucky winner has kept his anonymity but did reveal some details about the life-changing scoop. After working on a night shift, the punter had his eyes firmly on winning a huge jackpot. Following an energy boosting meal, the punter logged onto his Casumo Casino account and decided to play ‘Mega Fortune’, a jackpot game out of keeping with his normal routine. The stars were undoubtedly in alignment as the fortunate 28-year old Swede discovered to his amazement. The star-struck customer had to shake his partner awake to share the life-changing news. Casumo Casino sources state that the anonymous winner plans to put the money to good use by sharing the huge pot with his family, and also plans to become an ambassador for a sponsored charity. A well-earned holiday and some time off work are unsurprisingly also on the agenda.