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Panda Panda from Habanero: Slot Review - double the fun with these cute bears!

Visit a hidden Bamboo forest somewhere in Asia where two adorable Pandas eagerly await your arrival.

Pandas are adorable cute animals that are native to the southern part of China. Their name in Chinese literally means “big bear cat”! These lovable creatures are instantly recognisable by the patches of black around their eyes, over their ears, and all across their bodies. Pandas are often called Panda Bears or Giant Bears and this is to distinguish them from the unrelated Red Panda. Pandas are known to consume bamboo in large quantities and have even been known to eat birds and rats on occasion. Popular software developer Habanero decided to release a game about these amazing animals, one that all Panda lovers can enjoy!

The slot has 5 reels, 243 ways to win and comes with features such as Stacked Wilds, Free Spins, a Progressive Jackpot, and a Gamble mode.

Panda Panda Screenshot

Special Features

The first thing to mention is that this game does not feature a conventional payline structure like most standard slots. Instead, it features 243 ways to win. What this essentially means is that wins are formed whenever you land 3 or more matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right as well as from right to left.

The game features a nice array of symbols such as waterfalls, cherry blossoms, bamboo, jars, and golden ingots. When playing the game, keep your eyes peeled for the Panda symbol as if you land 10 of these symbols then you’ll be awarded a fantastic cash prize worth 750X your total bet!

The Panda symbol is also the Wild symbol and like most Wild symbols, it substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. A neat feature of this symbol is that it can appear stacked on all reels. That is not all as the Wild symbol can also randomly transform into a 2 Panda symbol to pay out as 2 symbols in a single reel position to really help boost your winnings considerably.

The Scatter symbol is represented by a black and white Ying Yang image. Manage to land 3 of these symbols anywhere on the reels and you will trigger the Free Spins feature. In this minigame, you will be awarded 10 Free Spins and for every Scatter symbol that pops up, it will turn into a Wild symbol that starts on the leftmost position and moves right to the next position for each Free Spin. Once the rightmost position is reached, it will loop back to the leftmost position for the next Free Spin. Unfortunately, Free Spins cannot be retriggered but you will be pleased to know that whenever you land a non-winning spin while in this feature, an additional Free Spin is rewarded so you are guaranteed a win no matter what!

Panda Panda also features a highly lucrative Progressive Jackpot that can be won at any time while playing the game as it is triggered randomly. The last feature to highlight is the Gamble mode. This triggers whenever you land a win on the reels and it involves choosing a higher card than the dealer’s card from a set of 5 playing cards. If you beat the dealer then your winnings are doubled. Choose your card very carefully as if you pick a lower card than the dealer then you will lose all of your current winnings and be taken back to the main game.

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The game features some amazing graphics that are beautifully rendered on screen. The background of the slot is a majestic looking waterfall complete with cherry blossom trees swaying in the distance. Symbols are nicely detailed and consist of Pandas, Waterfalls, Cherry Blossoms, Bamboo, Ingots, Jars, and the standard A-10 icons. The animations are excellent as symbols move along the reels in a nice smooth motion and burst into life and enlarge whenever you land a win. I did like how when you trigger the Free Games feature that the background changes into a lush green Bamboo forest. A really nice touch there.

The music features a distinctly Asian-based soundtrack. It complements the game nicely and provides a calming atmosphere as you spin the reels.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

The game has 243 ways to win, a healthy RTP of 96.26%, a maximum payout worth 6,075X your bet, and a Progressive Jackpot.

Below is a summary taken from the PayOut Table from the game. The amount won for each combination depends on the value of the bet when you spin the reels.

Bet Range: 0.30, 0.60, 1.50, 2.10, 3.00, 4.20, 6.00, 7.50, 10.50, 12.00, 15.00, 21.00, 30.00, 42.00, 60.00, 75.00, 105.00, 150.00, 210.00, 300.00, 600.00 750.00, 1,050.00, 1,200.00 1,500.00, 2,100.00, 3,000.00, 4,200.00, 6,000.00

Based on a bet of 30.00:

  • Panda Symbol: 500 for 5X, 525 for 6X, 550 for 7X, 575 for 8X, 600 for 9X, 750 for 10X
  • Golden Ingot Symbol: 10 for 3X, 20 for 4X, 80 for 5X, 125 for 6X, 200 for 7X, 300 for 8X, 500 for 9X
  • Jar Symbol: 10 for 3X, 20 for 4X, 70 for 5X, 115 for 6X, 175 for 7X, 275 for 8X, 450 for 9X
  • Waterfall Symbol: 10 for 3X, 15 for 4X, 60 for 5X, 100 for 6X, 150 for 7X, 250 for 8X, 400 for 9X
  • Flowers Symbol: 5 for 3X, 15 for 4X, 50 for 5X, 90 for 6X, 125 for 7X, 225 for 8X, 350 for 9X
  • Bamboo Symbol: 5 for 3X, 10 for 4X, 40 for 5X, 75 for 6X, 110 for 7X, 200 for 8X, 300 for 9X
  • A Symbol: 5 for 3X, 10 for 4X, 35 for 5X, 65 for 6X, 95 for 7X, 175 for 8X, 250 for 9X
  • K Symbol: 3 for 3X, 9 for 4X, 30 for 5X, 55 for 6X, 75 for 7X, 150 for 8X, 200 for 9X
  • Q Symbol: 3 for 3X, 6 for 4X, 27 for 5X, 40 for 6X, 60 for 7X, 100 for 8X, 150 for 9X
  • J Symbol: 3 for 3X, 6 for 4X, 21 for 5X, 25 for 6X, 40 for 7X, 50 for 8X, 100 for 9X
  • 10 Symbol: 3 for 3X, 6 for 4X, 15 for 5X, 15 for 6X, 20 for 7X, 25 for 8X, 50 for 9X

Our Verdict on Panda Panda

Habanero produced this fantastic slot and it is gorgeous to look at and even better to play. The game has a nice set of exciting features that provide excellent replay value. I was able to trigger the Free Spins game on more than one occasion when playing and the rewards can be huge especially when you land some additional Wild symbols while in this feature. I must admit that it is quite astonishing that you can win 10-in-a-row combos thanks to the highly profitable Double Wild symbols. Not many slots today offer these kinds of payouts. I found this game to be of Medium variance so it won’t take you too long to land a decent enough payout. Jackpot lovers are also going to enjoy this slot a lot since there is a huge Progressive Jackpot to aim for as well.

Land a bear-sized fortune in Panda Panda!