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Wonderful Winnings with Winfall Wishes!

2017-06-02 10:07:34

The game is as though you were given three wishes by a magical genie and you wished for Fun Fun Fun. Its Persian theme brings your mind back to a time of mysticism and wonders all the while giving you the chance to win big prizes.

The Low-down

Winfall Wishes is a fun and exciting cascading reels slot game with a total of five reels and 25 lines for all that extra winning potential. The highest possible bet you can place in this game is 8 tokens which, thanks to the 25 lines allows you to effectively place a bet of 200 for each spin giving you a huge chance at winning big.

The cascading slots element of the game basically means that unlike normal slots the symbols do not just spin and then drop into place but instead fall from the top and land in great combinations that will fill your heart full of glee and your pockets full of cash. More than just satisfying action, an extra advantage of the Cascading slots system is that when a winning combination is made the symbols disappear and new symbols then fall down in their place. This means that huge streaks of wins can be achieved thanks to the self-sustaining nature of the falling symbols.

The game also has a ‘Wild Symbol’ which is, in true Aladdin fashion, a mystical gas lamp. This symbol is not present all the time however and only shows up when a whole vertical line disappears after being matched. At this point, the ‘Wild Symbol’ replaces one of the symbols (Not the scatter which is a flying carpet) in the slot and increases in power until the symbol changes into the iconic genie. The genie allows you to win over multiple lines by letting a single tile take on the value of multiple.