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What are Progressive Jackpots?

2017-02-02 10:18:23

Many folks often wonder what is a progressive jackpot and how is it different to a regular jackpot?

Well, do not worry anymore as GamingRevolution is here to break it down for you, into simple terms!

Progressive jackpots are jackpots used in online slots and slot machines where the value of these jackpots increase incrementally as the game is played.
These jackpots can increase on just one machine or also on a network of machines where the jackpot will increase across the whole network to form one big progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpot games take a small cut of each bet to power up the jackpot, which enables the jackpots in these games to become far larger than what you would find in normal static jackpot games. Most progressive jackpot slots will display a jackpot meter, this will show the current value of the jackpot. The meter is usually displayed above the game and you can watch the progressive jackpot grow as more people play the game. Games such as NetEnt's Cosmic Fortune and Playtech's Land of Gold feature some very rewarding progressive jackpots.

In the case of most progressive jackpot games, you have to place a maximum bet in order to become eligible to win one so it is worth bearing this in mind when attempting to nab one of these lucrative jackpots. Progressive jackpots are not just limited to online slots as they can also be found in video poker machines.

Try your hand now at winning one of these jackpots and you could be in for a huge payout!

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