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The Best Movie-based Online Slots!

2018-07-14 09:00:00

When a movie is coming out often times film studios will sell the license to their films to game companies who will then make a game using themes or assets from the film that will promote both the movie in question and bring the slot game to an audience who are looking for a good movie tie-in game to play. These games, like the movies they are based on reach a huge amount of people when they are made so it is not rare that they can go on and live a separate life from their film where they become popular in the online gaming circle off their own merits.

Here are some games that have managed to do just that and that I would consider to be some of the best online slot adaptations of feature films of all time.

The Dark Knight Rises

When this end to the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman flix came out it garnered mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, not because the film was bad itself (it wasn’t) but because it had the gigantic task of following on from arguably the best superhero film ever made, The Dark Knight in 2008. The slot game, however, was received with thunderous applause and commendation for its wonderful design, thrilling and engaging gameplay and thematic adherence. Big wins were accompanied by movie clips and the roaring soundtrack made you feel like The Batman as you racked up major wins.