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Roulette patterns: Faith in the Unknown

2016-09-27 15:17:44

We have seen them all: the players and big winners, such as Christian Kaisan, the German professional. Armed with plenty of cash, and belief in a powerful winning system, they made their way to the dry desert state of Las Vegas. The algorithm behind online roulette games, however, is on a different level – and by that we mean, hard to beat. Having said that, as online casino fans, we believe in the games we play – and there certainly is an advantage in finding a strategy.

To begin with, let’s get the mathematical facts right: When betting on either red or black on a European wheel, a player always has a 48.65 % chance of winning.

This is a fact that players are unaware of at times. Commonly, players who let previous results dictate their choice disregard this. This mode of thinking is called the “gamblers’ fallacy”.

Of course, there is no harm in observing patterns and betting in accord with these observations. Attaching too much importance to observation skills may result in a roulette player assuming that he is 'due a win.' Certainly, managing bet amounts helps. However, observing patterns and making a decision based on the previous result holds no meaning for the new game, or round ahead. Put simply, logic defies this.