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Roulette for beginners

2017-04-19 16:05:38

Roulette is one of the most popular games when players visit casinos due to its simplicity to play and the winnings you can earn. In layman terms, it involves guessing where a little ball is going to drop on a spinning wheel. Guess correctly and you are in for a nice payout. A fun fact, but did you know that Roulette means “little wheel” in French?

Placing a bet

First things first, before you place a bet in Roulette, you should work out your expected loss and how long your bankroll will last. This is very important to work out so you don’t end up with a big burning hole in your pocket!

Placing a bet in this game could not be any easier. All you have to do is place some chips on some numbers, colours, or areas of the wheel you want to bet on and then spin the wheel. A cool thing about this game is that you can make several bets for each spin, to cover your bases so to speak, so the more numbers you select, the more likely you will land a win. Another nice feature of this game is that it is possible to place bets even when the ball is spinning but when the ball is about to drop, a dealer will usually wave their hand and this means that they will not accept any further bets on a current spin. So always listen and watch the dealer closely when playing this game!

Forms of betting

Casino roulette wheels consist of numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and in the American version of this game, there is an additional zero called “00”. There are many ways to place bets in this game as mentioned earlier but the most popular kind of bets are Inside and Outside bets. Inside bets provide a small chance of winning but the payout can be quite large whereas Outside bets give you a much better chance of winning but the payouts are not that considerable. Conservative players tend to place Outside bets when playing this game.

Inside bets consist of the following: street, split, straight-up, corner, six line, basket, trio, and top line. These bets cover certain numbers of the roulette wheel such as a corner bet which involves placing a bet on four different numbers that are in a square layout such as 25, 26, 28, and 29. Outside bets focus on specific areas of the roulette wheel. For example, you can bet on sections from 1-18, 19 to 36, red or black, odd or even numbers, dozen bets, and also column bets.

The Wheel never remembers!

When playing casino roulette, it is very important to understand that the outcome of the roulette wheel is totally random. So if the colour red shows up twenty times in a row, it is definitely not certain that the ball will land on a black on the next spin. It is worth remembering this each time the wheel is spinning. Roulette can be a lot of fun to play and to make sure you get the most out of it when starting off, you should place some small outside bets so you can see what might work for you and what might not.

For further information on roulette, please check out roulette overview and the different types of roulette.

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