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Progressive Slot Jackpots - How they work and How they're won

2017-07-20 11:20:23

If you’re looking to win a life changing amount of money online a progressive slot is your best bet. Progressive Jackpot slots are slots that regularly pay out millions of pounds. While regular slots have a fixed jackpot amount the jackpot of a progressive slot is determined by the players. Each time a game is played but the jackpot isn’t won the jackpot increases. All of this play feeds into a huge jackpot which one very lucky winner will get to walk away with. There are two types of progressive slots available online.

Local Progressives

Local progressive slots are slots that feature jackpots within a specific casino. For example, all of the spins played on a slot in a given online casino will contribute to the overall jackpot. At some online casinos, multiple different slots can be linked with players vying for a single progressive jackpot. Local progressive slots usually pay out jackpots of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Network Progressives

Network progressive slots are the ones that pay out the big money. These slots are linked across multiple online casinos with hundreds or even thousands of players contributing to some truly astronomical jackpots. One of the most popular online progressive slots is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah which has paid out several million pounds on more than one occasion. Other popular progressive slots include Jackpot Giant, Age of Gods and Wheel of Fortune.

How to Win

Unfortunately, there’s no strategy or system to boost your chances of winning a progressive jackpot. In reality, the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are very small, about the same as winning the lottery, that’s about 1 in 50 million. It’s always important to remember that the odds of winning the jackpot don’t change no matter how much the overall jackpot increases. Your odds of winning the jackpot at €500,000 are the same as winning at €5 million. There’s only one thing guaranteed with progressive slots and that’s that someone will win the jackpot and that’s what keeps attracting players back for more!

Other Progressive Games

Slots aren’t the only progressive games. If poker or table games are more your thing progressive versions are available. These games usually involve a side bet for the progressive jackpot. In progressive video poker players usually, win the jackpot with a royal flush. Here your odds of winning are much higher than in the big progressive slots games with a royal flush appearing once in every 40,000 hands. Of course, the jackpot prizes are reflected in odds and are therefore are much lower.

ShuffleMaster invented the first progressive version of Caribbean Stud in which players also win the jackpot with a royal flush or 10% of the jackpot with a straight flush. Some blackjack games also contain a progressive side bet. In the Triple Sevens Blackjack game by Microgaming players can win the jackpot if they are dealt three sevens of diamonds while other triplets of sevens result in smaller prizes.

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