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Online gambling operators must adapt to regulated EU markets

2017-07-11 08:23:08

United Kingdom leading the way

The UK is leading the charge in showing how EU countries can go about regulating the online gambling market in a way which will lead to all parties feeling satisfied. A sustainable, safe and reliable is what all parties involved in online gambling want and the UK has this type of environment in place. The idea is to allow online gambling operators profit, develop their business while protecting their players. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), is tasked with regulating online gambling in the UK. Responsible gambling is the main issue that the UKGC concentrate on and they want to ensure that online gambling operators leave it easy for online players to self-exclude at any time.

Modern online gambling operators adjusting to the industry changes

As a result of new European Union regulations, online gambling is forever changing slightly and online casinos are stepping up their game, constantly. These EU countries are prime online gambling markets, so big names like Paddy Power and Bet365 need to stay ahead of the curve and stay updates with the new laws and regulations just in order to stay competitive in the market. Bet365 and one of the world leaders in sports betting and online gambling and they have had to adjust to changing regulations in order to stay ahead of the online gambling pack. Bet365 have clear online gambling terms and conditions well explained on their site and they offer a great program of support for problem gambling.

Online gambling laws in other EU countries

The UK, Italy and Spain are reported to have to have the most clearly defined online gambling laws. However, other European countries are stepping up with their laws and Bulgaria have recently tightened up their online gambling laws, having blacklisted a number of big operators. Many of the online casinos and sportsbooks have more work to do in order to receive online gambling licences. Denmark has also changed its online gambling laws, allowing foreign operators to enter the online gambling market in the country and abolishing that state monopoly which was in place until 2012. Companies like Bet365 were allowed to enter the market making it a lot more competitive.

Operators have to keep up with the pace

The online gambling regulations aren’t always favourable to online casinos and gaming operators, meaning that in order to stay relevant in the industry they need to adapt and adjust their business. The big guns like Bet365 and Paddy Power look at positive developments in the future and look to be as present in as many markets as possible while seeking to strengthen their strong global brand.

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