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New Android app for UK’s leading mobile casino!

2017-09-12 11:19:15

Jackpot mobile casino is one of the United Kingdom’s leading mobile casinos, with a fan base which is forever growing in numbers. Jackpot mobile casino have great news for their fans as they have now released their Android app on the Google Play Store. Jackpot mobile casino are always aiming to please their fans and this move will be music to the ears of mobile casino users!

Google lift controversial ban

Search engine giant, Google, have just recently lifted their ban on gambling apps being listed on its app store for countries which have regulated online gambling markets. The United Kingdom, France, and Ireland are just some of the countries which will benefit from the ban being uplifted. Jackpot mobile casino have been quick to spot an opportunity and they are one of the very first mobile casino companies to successful release their Android app on the Google Play Store.

Jackpot delight

Jackpot mobile casino are delighted to have released their mobile casino app to the Android Market. The innovative move will allow the company to strengthen their position in the UK. The online mobile casino industry is forever adapting and changing as new technological improvements are constantly developing. Launching their Android app before their other competitors should prove to be a hugely successful move.