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NetEnt Launches Halloween Jack

2018-10-31 09:50:00

Jack seems truly nightmarish in their brand-new slot Halloween Jack, however, in addition, he hints strongly at delivering some frighteningly big wins. In a similar vein to Aliens, undoubtedly one of their all-time greatest creations, Halloween Jack is no half-baked attempt at delivering something new just for the sake of it, no! Its authentic sound score and sombre scaremongering graphics deliver mood-filled gaming ambience by the bucket load, play this late at night with the lights off and a family member says boo behind you, you’ll probably need a change of undies.

Design Excellence

We heavily admire development studios that invest genuinely creative thinking when it comes to creating an original new theme and then places sincere effort into producing a final product that absolutely just impresses you with its overall impact on first sight. Even more so later, when playing, the game provides equally exciting gaming mechanics, further bolstered by decent wins. We players thank and reward them for their efforts by supporting the new title and turning into a slot seen on the “Popular Slots” list at every casino. A studio, after creating a few such top-end titles becomes known for their excellent games, but what do you call a developer that repeat this process of excellence with just about every new game launch, and I’m not even including the astounding quality of their Live Dealer gaming products? Its simple, you call the studio NetEnt!