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Make your own Fishy Fortune!

2017-07-18 09:09:28


The Basic premise and theme of this game are that you are in an underwater world where you have to match up the fishy symbols to win, simple as that. Due to the fact that this is a game from NetEnt the gaming experience is one of the highest quality around. The design of the game is crisp and colourful, each of the fish has a character and are separate from each other in many different ways which make it a heck of a lot easier to distinguish them and tell them apart.


The clear reels give you a really good look at the brilliant background that this game comes with. Behind the main gaming frame, there is an expansive and beautiful ocean floor which is just teeming with coral that adds splashes and blots of colour to the intentionally muted and calming aqua blue of the water. The whole design makes you feel like you are on a snorkelling trip to the great barrier reef as the water is extremely calm and serene with its picturesque colour scheme and easy on the eye props.

The reels themselves carry that sort of barnacled and weathered look that you might expect on the hull of a sunken ship which really goes a long way to the expression of the overall theme of this game. The symbols come in the shape of either fish or wooden planks that are nailed into the shape of letters and numbers which once again fits with the very directed and crafted aesthetic on offer in this fabulously fishy slot.