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Looking for an Optimal Roulette Strategy?

2017-06-12 10:34:37

Nobody goes into playing hoping that they aren’t going to win! There is a lot of information online about what the most optimal roulette strategy might be so here are some of the simplest and effective tips for beginners to roulette or veterans of the game who may not yet have cracked the most optimal roulette strategy.

Spins that occurred previously do not affect future spins

To test this fact yourself, browse spin history and look for streaks of red or black and observe how many times red or black spins next. By testing enough spins, you’ll see that the odds haven’t changed a whole lot, so previous spins have no real link to the following spins. There is a bit of a connection in terms of the physical variables but most roulette players don’t take much interest in the physical variables.

Does the best roulette strategy involve changing your bet size?

“Progression” or changing the size of your bet isn’t going to increase your chances of winning at roulette. The wheel and the ball have no impact on how much money you’re wagering. A trigger that a lot of roulette players use is to wait for a certain colour to appear a few times in a row and then doubling the size of your bet until you manage to win. In reality, this isn’t the most optimal roulette strategy as the odds still haven’t changed, the payouts are still going to be the same and the only thing you’re doing is making different value bets on independent spins. A win will eventually happen but how much money have you lost?

Does roulette have streaks you can use to your advantage?

Some roulette players believe that the optimal roulette strategy is to wait for the first dozen to spin a few times in a row and then to bet on the second and third dozens, but the odds of each dozens spinning next hasn’t changed. The chances of 2 spinning three times in a row are 1 in 50653, but so are the odds of a 2 followed by a 1 and a 0. This is simple stats. It makes no difference whether you play 1 spin a day for 50 days or 50 spins in 1 day, it’s still 50 spins and the odds of you winning or losing is going to be the same.

Don’t use a long-term balance

The most optimal roulette strategy is to not use a long-term balance. If there were 10,000, you would expect to find a similar amount of reds and black. If there are more reds than black, it could potentially because of wheel defects making red spin more so betting on black wouldn’t be increasing the likelihood of you winning.

The odds of a number appearing in roulette is always going to be 1 in 50,653 so I think that the most optimal roulette strategy is to set out to have some fun and not to think about that odds or strategies too much.

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