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Live Casino vs Online Casino: What's the Difference?

2017-11-22 15:29:08

In the modern age, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, making our lives easier and offering us greater opportunities to be more interactive with people from across the world. Technology enables us to take part in our favourite activities without needing to leave the home, one such activity is gambling at casinos.

Online casinos have become more and more popular and one variation, in particular, the live casino, is starting to draw in online players. What is it that makes the live casino different to the traditional online casino? These two variations of online casino offer players two different playing experiences.

Players that are seeking a simpler and faster gameplay should take a look at the traditional online casinos as these casinos use graphics and random number generators to produce their games. Due to the speed the games can be played at, players are able to fit more rounds in and they also require less concentration than their live casino counterparts.

Traditional online casinos offer their customers a much wider variety of games to play, including everything from online roulette to the wide variety of slot games and also offer them the chance to try these games out for free before they decide whether or not to spend money playing the games. This “try before you buy” style is a great way to bring in new players and to introduce them to the world of online casinos. By offering the chance to play for free first, the customers might then want to try playing with real money.

There is one major disadvantage to playing in the traditional online casino and that is that for all of their benefits, they lack the feeling of playing in a real casino. They rarely allow for users to interact with one another and this makes the games feel impersonal and rushed. Live casinos offer a very different experience to customers, with the experience more like taking a trip to a brick and mortar casino.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, mainly in computer and internet technology, live casinos have been able to take the online casino experience to a whole new level. In contrast to the traditional online casinos, live casinos all for players to interact with one another. Having a human dealer allows for the players to interact with the dealer too and for the player's’ commands to be interacted with. The players are able to watch the dealer deal the cards and spin the roulette wheel, making the whole experience feel a lot more personal and authentic.

The live casinos tend to use real cards and a real roulette wheel rather than the random number generators that the traditional online casinos use. By using real games as opposed to the digital game and real people to deal the cards and spin the wheel, it helps promote the legitimacy of the games as players can watch every move the dealer makes.

Despite all of the advancements in technology, there are some players that hold the opinion that live casinos do not have the same atmosphere that a land-based casino does. While this might hold some value, with the rate of advancements in technology, it could well be the case that these same players change their attitudes towards live casinos. The big casino brands have recognised the demand for such casinos and know that as technology improves, more and more people will be switching to their live casinos. As more and more casino games are added to their live casinos, a wider audience is likely to take notice and join in on the fun.

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