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Live blackjack is a casino player’s dream!

2017-10-02 12:18:27

Live casinos and blackjack are certainly a match made in heaven. Blackjack has traditionally been one of the most popular card games win physical casinos and with the introduction of online casinos, blackjack has been just as popular in the online environment. Players love the thrill of blackjack, as you can’t get the same buzz and excitement from any ordinary casino game. So, how can you play the best live blackjack?

Choosing the best blackjack games

There are many different variants of blackjack which you will find online, just like in physical casinos. The best software companies in the online casino industry have developed top of the range blackjack games of many variants. Casino software companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and much more have developed brilliant live blackjack games which are very popular. Choosing the best version for you should be your priority. One of the main factors which will influence your decision-making will be the fact that different versions will have varying minimum and maximum bets. Ensuring that your selection the best version for you that suits your individual wagering limits. There are many high-stakes games available to play online just as there are for low stakes variants.

Playing live blackjack

Learning how to play this casino classic in lots of fun and once you have played a few games, you will be an expert in no time. Live online blackjack have the very same rules as the regular blackjack which you would find in a real casino. Live blackjack is played using one or more decks of 52 cards. Your aim is to beat the dealer’s hand and get the closest possible score to 21. Newcomers to live blackjack are better of wagering small amounts in the beginning until they become more familiar with the running of the game. Once you have placed your bet, the live dealer will begin dealing out the cards right in front of you.

Hit, stand, split or double down

During the game, you hand will be displayed face up so you will be able to see what exact hand you have. The dealer will also proceed to tell you your score. You will only be able to see your hand and one of the live dealer’s cards which makes up his two-card hand. A window with buttons labelled “hit”, “stand”, “split” and “double down” will appear on your screen and you will have to choose one of the options. Once all of the players decide to stand with the hand they have, you’ll know whether you’ve won or not. The dealer will take all of the players’ hands into account and announce a win, loss or push.

Live dealer blackjack is one of the few casino games which involves a great deal of strategy. All online live dealers will be operated by random number generators which ensures that the result is completely random. There are many online casinos which great live blackjack games which can result in winning lots of cash!

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