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How is Virtual Reality going to change the online casino scene?

2017-02-08 10:08:59

Virtual Reality gaming really took off last year and it seems that everyone is trying to catch up and make use of this fantastic technology. The online casino world is always on the move and the biggest software developers are constantly looking at ways to create a more interactive experience for their players and Virtual Reality could be the key here.

Think of it, you can now play in real casinos via HD streams and there are tonnes of live online casinos out there that replicate an authentic casino experience so to be able to enter a virtual casino from the comfort of your own home seems like the next step. Live Dealers have the ability to communicate with you as you play nowadays so imagine a VR dealer standing just a few feet away from you and you can easily see why Virtual Reality might appeal.

Last year, Microgaming showcased a virtual reality version of Roulette and it went down a storm. Using an Oculus RIFT DK2 headset with a Leap Motion 3D controller, players were able to interact with a friendly robot who acted as the dealer in the game. Players could physically place their bets on the roulette table and the robot would take the bets and then start the game. On average, normal live roulette games will see 40 spins per hour but for comparison sake, a single player at an online table can complete more than 100 spins per hour. This means that Virtual Reality Roulette may be a bit slower but it is probably worth the trade-off due to the more interactive experience you will get.

VR Roulette certainly looks promising and Microgaming have promised to release different variants of it due to the success they had when they presented it last year. The main problem with Virtual Reality gaming is the cost of headsets and as they come down in price then the more accessible they will become to everyone.
Only time will tell how successful Virtual Reality gaming can become but one thing is for sure, it adds a whole new layer to the online gaming experience.

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