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GamingRevolution - the road ahead

2017-06-16 12:32:36

This article could be so short. We are GamingRevolution. A succinct name for a website! In short, it is our aim to provide unbiased, informative and fun content on online casinos, sports betting and the gambling and gaming industry in general.

GamingRevolution does things differently!

As gaming enthusiasts, we found that the online world was lacking in sites that combined insightful articles, helpful tips and aggregated data on casino and sports betting bonuses. Too often, did we come across websites that redirected us to other online casinos, dead pages or promotions that were no longer valid. Some sites even couldn't handle mobile technology (in this day and age!).

GamingRevolution's building blocks were established with these faults in mind.

1. Technology
If you haven't noticed how fast GamingRevolution is, click again, open different websites and compare our load speed to other sites' load speeds. Tailored technology is GamingRevolution's secret. Instead of using generic CRM software, we built our very own system. This allows us to provide a fast website and ensure that our website is able to handle the latest tech.

2. Genuine Content
We were tired of lame, copied and pasted online content on online casinos, sports betting and gaming. Our game reviews are exciting, our industry news include topics such as recruitment, mergers and annual reports and our features paint a lively picture of the biggest and boldest casinos out there.

3. (Possibly the best) Reviews and Top lists
Casino reviews at GamingRevolution follow the same structure every single time, regardless of the online casino review. This holds the advantage that it is super easy for our readers to identify relevant information. At GamingRevolution you needn't read long intros about a specific online casino, you can simply scroll down to the sections that are relevant to you. Our casino reviews cover games, bonuses, customer service and provide an unbiased verdict. Our 'best welcome bonus' list is among the most visited pages on GamingRevolution. The page neatly lists the welcome bonuses we identified as outstanding.

The road ahead

Most companies aim to grow. Of course, GamingRevolution wants to grow, generate more content and expand its team. To make this come true, however, we are aware that we have to get even better at what we do best. Our ambition for the second half of 2017 is to publish more content and to evaluate what is relevant to our readers and the types of content they enjoy. The online world is changing at a rapid rate, and GamingRevolution aims to be at its forefront. Podcasts, videos and interactive feeds: it's only a matter of time.

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