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Gaming Authority Study: What players of online casino really want!

2016-08-30 10:30:46

The Gaming Authority in the Netherlands conducted a study on player preferences in its jurisdiction, and some of the findings are remarkable.

Less surprising is the fact that Dutch players seek a high level of security. More surprising is the fact that Dutch players show a preference for the display of a Dutch license. Their preference for a certain online casino site increases by 4.7 %, if the site holds a Dutch license, as opposed to a license from another EU jurisdiction.

If no license is displayed at all, interest in playing on the online casino site drops by 17.4%. This figure is low, given that an unregulated site – we assumed – would ring alarm bells, and that quite loudly.

Online casinos in the Dutch language are generally preferred over English language sites and - as expected - players prefer if the online casino takes over taxes, rather than hands it down to its players via additional fees.

Warning logos, such as the responsible gambling logo, are appreciated by the majority of players on online casinos. While some may find this interesting, it fits into the picture of the Dutch gamer the study paints: It’s all about security.

In how far, this study confirms any stereotypes of the Gouda-eating, windmill-owning Dutch man is questionable. The findings of this study can most likely be applied to the majority of players from within the European Union. At least, if we go by the numbers of players, those casinos that adhere to high-security standards, attract. With that in mind, ‘Geld moet rollen’ – but only if it’s safe.

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