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ELK Studios Set to Release New Valkyries Slot this December

2018-11-07 10:10:00

Promising lots of action filled spinning presented on 5 reels featuring 4 rows in animated 3D, it promises to arrive as a graphical powerhouse filled with powerful creatures roaming the annals of Nordic mythology including the legendary goddess Freya and her Valkyries.

Freya from the Vanir tribe of deities, sister, and female counterpart of Freyr (meaning Lady in old Norse) is wife to Odin himself and frequently seen dressed in a cloak of falcon’s feather, remains Norse mythology’s most preeminent goddess. Primarily associated with beauty, love, sex, fertility, gold, death, and war, she rightfully lays claim to ownership of the mystical necklace Brisingamen and her chariot, effortlessly drawn by two giant cats, regularly while in the accompany of the fiery boar Hildisvini. A woman of such beauty she commands the admiration of many men and women, as an accomplished practitioner of sei dir (a form of Norse magics) she is expert at manipulating the desires, prosperity, and health of others, with this at her command she became a being whose knowledge imbued her with such power she stands almost without equal.