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A little bit about Online Slots

2017-06-28 13:30:00

No matter, if it's a couple of gems that you get every day, a bunch of free coins or a spin on a prize wheel, every major game, has got its own way of rewarding players for opening their app, and keep on having them coming back for more. Naturally, this has caught hold in the world of online gambling, and our handy online guides have everything which a player needs to know about bonuses.

Making you Return

When it comes to online gambling, the website or app developer clearly aims to get their players to come back to their game day by day. Each time they get a player to come back for even a few hours, they’re going to make a profit. One simple way to do that is to provide gamblers with bonuses.

Perhaps players get a free bonus round in their first game of the day. Or a website might have a midweek bonus, offered for those players that are online during the slower parts of the week. Another also popular one is an opt-in bonus, which will give a player a small reward for linking their account with their social media or Facebook profile, for example. Bonuses are popular with all online casino games, although mobile slot machine games tend to have more than most. Unlike a brick-and-mortar casino, these apps aren’t physically limited when it comes to space and operating costs. So they can have a huge variety of slot machine games all in one app. That can mean a lot of different bonuses, and the potential for a player to get a lot of free plays, bonus rounds, and extra rewards.


It may seem like a clever move by developers in order to get players to spend more money on their games, but the flipside is that these bonuses can make a dull game much more enjoyable. Any gambler loves to make big wagers and win, but how about winning off of a free play? A slot machine can get pretty monotonous, so it’s nice to have some changes thrown in. Between the variety of games and bonuses, mobile casino apps now have the potential to bring in dedicated gamblers and keep them coming back for more.

When it comes to online slots, the bonuses listed above don’t even scratch the surface of what is available. There are loyalty bonuses, no deposit bonuses, payline bonuses, referral bonuses, progressive bonuses, reload bonuses… The list goes on and on.

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