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You'll find all sorts of great games at Casino Room!

2017-09-03 11:00:00

A lot of the time when you visit a casino site there is no real order or reason to the organisation of the games on display. Sure they might have ‘Hottest’ or ‘Most Popular’ but that doesn’t really tell you much about what to expect when you finally decide on which of the many games in their selection to play.

Over at CasinoRoom, however, there is a nifty little system of organisation called ‘Game Selections’ where they group together their games into some easy to understand and use subcategories. This gives you an idea of the games before you even get to see to see their thumbnail pictures. Or if you go to the CasinoRoom site with a certain mood that can only be satisfied by a certain type of game with a certain theme then it is a lot easier to find what you are looking for.

There is a total of 7 different categories into which the games fit; Sporty Games, At the Movies, At the Zoo, Summer Games, Deep Space, Action Heroes, Staff Picks. Each of these has a whole host of games that fit their theme wonderfully so if you want to scratch that itch for a certain theme then this is the best place to look.

Sporty Games

The first category and the namesake of the best Spice Girl, Sporty. These games are all about the more athletic side of life. But don’t worry you won’t actually have to exert yourself, you can play these great casino games from the comfort of your favourite chair.

This game features all the variety of the world of sport with games like Basketball Star, Bicicleta (A soccer game not cycling) and Fisticuffs. All these games are unique from each other but still hold onto that central theme of sports very well.