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2018-02-24 15:00:00

About OJO

“OJO is your sidekick in a new world of play. He shows you everything you need to know for a more playful and rewarding experience. OJO is there to inspire you to be more playful. He's here to share the secrets of this world - he knows how things work and will give you hints and tips on how to get the best from your time here.”

OJO's Reel Spinoffs

Where Can I Find OJO's Reel Spinoffs?
Head over to the Kickers section and you'll find OJO's Spinoffs right there.

How Do I Enter Freeroll Reel Spinoffs?
A Freeroll Reel Spinoff is a 'free to enter' tournament. If you've made a deposit in the last 3 days, then you can join OJO's Freeroll Spinoffs. Just pick the Reel Spinoff you wish to enter and a pop-up will confirm how many Free Reel Spins you have and what slot game will play before the slot opens. OJO runs Freerolls during the day so don't forget to log in and take part.

How Do I Enter Buy-In Reel Spinoffs?
Click on the Reel Spinoff tournament you want to join and a page will open with different Reel Spins Packages, you pick the one you want by clicking the deposit button next to the package. This will take you to the deposit page with the Reel Spinoff Bonus Code already entered. Once you complete the deposit a pop-up will confirm how many Free Reel Spins you have and what slot game will play.

How Do I Know If I've Won Anything On OJO's Reel Spinoffs?
You can check your rank in the Leaderboard section of the Reel Spinoffs. If you finish in the top 3 of the Freeroll Spinoffs, you'll win a nice OJO Free Spins Package. If you finish in the top 3 of the Buy-in Spinoffs, you'll win a Free Spins Package on top of any winnings you picked up with your reel spins. Any Reel Spinoff winnings will also show in the 'Rewards' section.


How Does OJOplus Work?
It's simple. Every time you play, OJO will put some free money in your OJOplus account. It's there for you to collect or play at any time, no strings. You can find out more on OJOplus right here.

Where Can I View My OJOplus Balance?
You can view your OJOplus balance on the homepage, next to the OJO+ icon in yellow.

When can I withdraw my OJOplus cash?
Anytime you want. All you need to do is click the 'COLLECT' tab and your OJOplus cash will be moved to your Real Money Balance. Withdraw it or play it, it's up to you.

What Are The OJOplus Categories?
Well basically, there are 3 OJOplus categories, each indicated with 1,2 or 3 OJO+ icons. One yellow OJO+ icon indicates the lowest level of return while three yellow OJO+ icons indicate the highest level of return. So, placing a bet on a game with three OJO+ icons will earn you more in OJOplus cash than placing the same bet on a game with one OJO+ icon. You can view a full breakdown of OJOplus payouts on the OJOplus page.

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