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Win Up To 50% Free Play From Playing Red Or Black At 888Casino!

2017-09-12 09:47:00

Who doesn’t love the 888Casino free play system, being able to play your very favourite casino games on your very favourite online gaming site for free is nothing short of awesome. And so wouldn’t we all jump at the chance to get just a little bit extra free play than the usual amount that comes our way on the 888Casino site? Well, lucky you then because 888Casino is giving us the chance to do just that when we take part in their latest kick-ass promotion.

This promotion has all of the best parts of an 888Casino promotion in that it hits the key things that the avid online gamer is looking for in their ideal promotion. First of all it is easy to avail of which is a real load off your mind when considering getting a promotion, nobody likes to be forced through a complicated system of opt-in windows and such so thankfully with this promotion all you have to do is deposit €20 and use the code HIT50 as written there and you will automatically be entered into the promotion. It might be a good idea to copy and paste that code directly from this page and onto the deposit page in order to avoid any typographical errors on your part.

The second great thing about this promotion is the value of it, for just your standard €20 deposit you can get up to 50% free play for the best games on the site! That means you can play up to 50% of your deposit for free on some really great games and increase your account balance while you’re at it.

Last but not least the third best feature of this promotion is simply how fun it is to get, you don’t just get the bonus into your account and an email congratulating you for it, with this promotion you actually get to compete in a game against the system where you have to correctly guess whether the card selected will be red or black and so there is a wonderful competitive element to the promotion too.

How It Works

The promotion works in a fun and intuitive way. In fact, in order to claim your free-play bonus, you will play a fun game that pits you against the computer in a battle of chance. After you have put in your code HIT50 you will be presented with the game mentioned above.

In this game, you have the chance to increase the amount of free play you get by moving up the board towards the 50% mark. To do this you answer one simple question, red or black. When the game tells you that you have gotten it right then you will progress to the next level and be able to claim more free play. If you, however, go ‘bust’ and get it wrong then you will not progress to the next level, however, all is not lost as you will get a second chance for absolutely free!

With this second chance, you can fight your way back up the board towards that 50% and you will get more free play as you go. If you lose all together you will not lose what you have gotten, every time you move forward a level you will have ‘banked’ that level and you can’t get any less than that in free play!

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