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Win Free Spins with this Free JackpotJoy Game

2017-09-18 09:29:53

About Daily Paper

The game takes place on a grid of 90 numbered squares. Behind some of these squares are Free Spins which you can redeem on JackpotJoy’s Paper Wins slot. You can make 6 picks per day. To make a pick simply select on a numbered square to reveal what is behind it. No win papers count as a miss. Your picks are persistent across the week.

Free Spins To Win

To win Free Spins on the Paper Wins slot game you need to collect a matching set of symbols. The number of symbols you still need to collect will be displayed in the prize table on the left side of the screen.

Symbols for Spins

  • You will need 10 TV Fun symbols to win 50 Free Spins.
  • You will need 9 Celeb Gossip symbols to win 40 Free Spins.
  • You will need 8 Sports symbols to win 30 Free Spins.
  • You will need 7 Free hols symbols to win 20 Free Spins.
  • You will need 6 Seven symbols to win 15 Free Spins.
  • You will need 5 Double Bar symbols to win 10 Free Spins.
  • You will need 4 Bar symbols to win 7 Free Spins.
  • You will need 3 Cherry symbols to win 5 Free Spins.

Play Daily Paper Every Day

Remember, you can play Daily Paper every day and your game board will be stored for a week so if you visit JackpotJoy every day, you’ll be perfectly placed to win something for nothing!