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Win Big with BetVictor's Golden Goal!

2017-06-13 16:08:19

Nothing on their site fits this profile better than their ‘Golden Goal’ system, a brilliant and innovative way for you to win money on that week’s big match. Here I will bring you through just how the system works and how you can get involved in this fun-filled weekly betting event.

How it Works

The Golden Goal bet on BetVictor is very clever in its simplicity and ease. Each week you are given a chance to predict two outcomes of a match that BetVictor have chosen; the first goal scorer and the minute in which the goal was scored.

If you get both of these things correct then you will win the prize money. If you are one of a group of people who got these two bets correct then you will split the weekly prize pot between you. That is where it becomes interesting, a less than obvious goal scorer at a less than obvious time will have fewer backers and so will increase your potential winnings by quite a bit.

To place your bet you simply go to the ‘Golden Goal’ section of the website where you will see two handy drop-down windows, one with the names of all the players on the squads (even substitutes) and the other with the minutes that you can bet on the first goal happening in.

Free, you say?!

Unlike most bets however you do not have to pay for this at all, each BetVictor member is given a free Golden Goal bet each week with which they guess as to which player will score and at what time. You get one free bet as standard by just being a BetVictor member but you can also earn two more best a week by simply playing their great games and placing bets on your account from anywhere on the site! It is a free bet that could bring you big winnings and so has a whole layer of added excitement that you could be on the verge of getting a heap of free money as the game goes on.

The Winnings

With free bets being given away you’d expect the jackpot to be something unsubstantial and cheap but that’s not true at all for the ‘Golden Goal’ system. If you correctly predict the right goal-scorer at the right time, then £25,000 could be heading your way, so long as nobody else does in which case it is evenly distributed between you. And if nobody at all chooses correctly that week then the jackpot rolls over to the next week where it is added to yet another £25,000!
BetVictor can pay out your winnings in four different currencies; GBP, Euro, US Dollars and Swiss Francs so you can play from wherever you are and not have to worry about exchanges and losing some of your winnings.

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