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Win a Mediterranean Cruise at CasinoCruise!

2017-09-26 11:31:19

It was only a matter of time really when the online site CasinoCruise decided to name themselves such they must have known that one day they would be holding this competition. It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, a trip away for their most loyal and luckiest players on a cruise ship somewhere beautiful. This time the location of choice just so happens to be The Mediterranean which is one of the most popular spots for a luxury cruise out there. Who knows where the next location will be when they inevitably do this sort of promotion again. But for now, let’s just give it a go and you never know, you could be sailing in the lap of luxury sooner than you think…

The Promotion

You might be wondering just how you can possibly get yourself into the running for such an astounding and wonderful once in a lifetime prize that could see you on the open seas with nothing but the wind in your hair and a fruity drink in your hand.

Well, the way the competition is set up is rather easy and straightforward and you winning the big prize relies on two things, persistence and luck.

The persistence comes in during the time before the draw is made, it’s all in how you make earn your tickets. You see for every £$€50 that you deposit into your CasinoCruise account you will earn yourself one ticket for the big draw at the end of the promotion (30th September). But of course this money is being deposited into your gaming account so you can use it to play all of your favourite CasinoCruise games just like you normally would. So even if you aren’t lucky enough to win the competition you will still be able to have a bunch of fun on the site.