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William Hill Vegas’ New and Exclusive Game - Frozen Fruits

2017-09-28 08:47:11

The William Hill Vegas site is a veritable wonderland for any player of online games who likes to play the very best in new and exclusive slots. They are constantly adding to their roster of fantastic fun games and will have you coming back, again and again, to see if anything new has popped up on the site.

If you happened to swing round to William Hill Vegas recently you will no doubt have noticed that there is a new kid in town, a new exclusive game that challenges for the crown of the best on the site. And you may have already given it a go.

The game, of course, is the wonderful Frozen Fruits a super fun and exciting game from GW Games that brings you into a winter wonderland right from the moment you decide to launch it. The game is a pretty standard 5-reel fruit slot with 30 paylines in tow and a whole bunch of bonuses to boot.

What sets it apart from a lot of the other games on the site is that it is a ‘Cascading Slot’ game. If you’re not entirely sure what this means then allow me to explain. The trend of these games is pretty recent, they add a lot of fast-paced action to the game’s flow by allowing you to get massive combos and bonuses on just one spin. The way this happens is simple, instead of the reels spinning like they normally do they fall, or ‘cascade’ and when a connection of symbols is made the symbols disappear or in this case crack and then more symbols fall down in their place. What this means is that the symbols that disappear give way to the more symbols which means that even more connections can be made and your wins can go on for even longer! It is a great way to play slots and William Hill Vegas are very lucky to have an exclusive slot like Frozen Fruits that really gets it right.

Alongside you, for the whole of your fun Frozen Fruits adventure is the sort of mascot for the game, a small Eskimo who watches on as you crack blocks of ice and free their fruit. The game also features some crazy animal characters and you will definitely see a couple of cheeky penguins rushing in and out of frame as you play.

The game is extremely fun to play and is an absolutely fantastic addition to the William Hill Vegas platform and the fact that it is an exclusive game makes it all the better as you can have the satisfaction that you are one of the select few players in the world who have the chance to play this awesome Eskimo themed slot game. Definitely, give it a go the next time you are at William Hill Vegas and if you don’t have an account yet and need to make one to play the game then why not use some of your free spins welcome package on this slot!?

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