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Why not stop at the mFortune Loyalty Shop?

2017-10-02 12:27:06

If you’ve been playing Bingo at mFortune for any time at all you will no doubt have collected a good few Loyalty Points. Getting these Loyalty points at mFortune is easy enough to do, all you have to do to earn them is play your favourite bingo games and for every £$€1 that you spend there you will get 2 loyalty points! And when you sign up to mFortune you will get a free 100 loyalty points right off the bat just to say hello!

You’ve probably noticed that these loyalty points keep racking up in your account and haven’t really done much else while doing so. But you should definitely be made aware that these points aren’t just for show or for boasting to your fellow mFortune players but that they can also be used to buy real things in the Loyalty Points Shop! There are loads of great bonuses and actual gifts that you can pay for using your loyalty points. And because you are getting 2 loyalty points for each £$€1 that you spend on the mFortune bingo games you will be getting a really fantastic deal on some of these items.

What You Can Get

The Loyalty Points store is chock full of really awesome ‘Gifts’ these gifts can vary from on-site rewards like bonuses, mFortune Merchandise so you can represent your favourite bingo site while you play, and vouchers, events and awesome electronics.

The Loyalty Points store really has something for everyone and it is nicely laid out too with different tabs for each category of gift all of which contain their own gift types. The first of these dedicated tabs is for ‘All Gifts’ and as its name suggests it contains all the possible gifts in the store. It is also the only place that has the £$€10 and £$€20 cash rewards which will cost you 1000 and 2000 points respectively.

The second one is ‘Top Gifts’ and contains the merchandise for mFortune, this stuff is all great and ranges from keyrings to hoodies, all at great bargains too because they don’t have to buy it from anyone else.

Then there are the experiences. This is one of the coolest parts of the store, here you can buy a whole bunch of really awesome holidays or one day treats such as relaxing spa breaks or a glamping holiday in the UK, these will often cost around 30,000 points and for good reason too, they promise to be really excellent experiences and there will almost always be one there that is right up your street.

The store also has vouchers you can buy for a whole bunch of different shops and places, there are three levels of vouchers up for grabs for each place, £$€5, £$€10 and £$€20 and you can very easily choose which one you want to buy.

The electronic items are amazing too, you can bag yourself the biggest and best in electronics out there now including a PlayStation 4 for 27,000 points an Apple iMac for 115,000 points and a Nintendo Wii U for 23,000 points as well as some other really neat stuff.

The stuff on the store also gets updated quite regularly so remember to check it out on a somewhat regular basis especially whenever you come into a large winfall of points.

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