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Wheel of Rizk rewarding loyal Rizk Casino customers

2017-05-17 16:18:39

Rizk’s ultra rewarding loyalty game ‘Wheel Of Rizk’ is described by the online casino as “like the Wheel of Fortune, but about a million times cooler”. We will go through the scheme in detail below.

How Does It Work?

Simply by playing any of the huge selection of Rizk games available, users will help fill the power bar on the screen. All games will lead ultimately to the Wheel of Rizk, with a selection of prizes available on each wheel just waiting to be won. The more the user bets, the quicker the Rizk Power Bar will fill up. When the power bar is full, this activates the Wheel of Rizk. By visiting the Rewards section once this occurs, Rizk customers can activate their Wheel of Rizk spin. Each time the Rizk Power Bar is filled up, the user moves up a level. The more levels the user gets through, the Wheel of Rizk becomes more exciting with jackpots and Super Wheels available on higher levels. It is certainly a smart move by Rizk to encourage punters and reward the most loyal. And what’s to say you can’t continue winning along the way to this exciting extra?

Moving Up The Wheel Of Rizk Levels

By reaching level 5, users get a free spin of the Super Wheel of Rizk where the prizes become even better. For every 10th level reached, users then unlock the Super Wheel of Rizk where prizes are doubled. Users are also rewarded with an exciting Extra Wheel, which can be claimed once Rizk customers have filled up their first Rizk Power bar each day.

Ok, So What Are The Prizes?

By landing on the gold coin, with the Rizk ‘R’ symbol, real money will be credited to your account. Every user wants to hit the jackpot, but of course, these don’t come easily. The jackpot is activated from level 10, from which point one lucky customer can land on it. Good things come to those who wait, and Rizk assures us that the jackpot is worth waiting for.

Further Bonuses

Race Points are also attributed once each level is surpassed, with 25 points going towards the weekly Rizk race. Users can see their current classification in the Race from the Rizk leaderboard, whilst further points can be claimed by landing on the appropriate Wheel of Rizk prize.

The Double Speed chip doubles the speed of the Rizk Power bar once activated, allowing the user to progress through levels and claim prizes even more often. The chip has a time limit so be careful to watch the clock on the top left screen.

The Free Spins chip is the first of three free spins chips, rewarding the user with several free spins. The Super Spins chip is even more valuable, rewarding Rizk customer with free spins worth £$€1 each. Finally, the most valuable of the three is the Mega Chips chip which rewards the user with free spins worth £$€3 each.

Rizk Winners

Winners are announced regularly, with the Progressive Jackpot dishing out thousands to individual winners. The reward system has already given out millions in bonuses to Rizk customers and will continue to do so in future.

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