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What is StanJames’ £$€5 Daily Fill Up?

2017-07-21 13:22:32

StanJames have really made a name for themselves in the online casino game over the past few years and it is no surprise why. They are a company that is at the forefront of customer service what with their excellent online presence and their wonderful deals and bonuses that they are no stranger to handing out to their most loyal and favourite customers on a regular basis. As well as brilliant bonuses and promos they are also dedicated to providing you, the customer, with a whole bunch of really awesome games that you will love more and more the more you play.

So it is quite a stroke of genius on the part of StanJames to combine these two pillars of their site's reputation, games and bonuses, into one ruddy big promotion. And from this master stroke, the £$€5 Daily Fill Up was born. Sounds good right? But what is it? How do you get in on it? Well, just read on and you’ll know soon enough because here is a quick breakdown of the £$€5 Daily Fill Up promotion from StanJames.

The £$€5 Daily Fill Up

Ever wish you could get just a little bit extra in your account every now and then? Of course you do, who wouldn’t? Well at StanJames you can get an extra £$€5 is added to your account just for playing some of the best games that the site has to offer.
All you have to do to get your bonus £$€5 is to wager £$€10 on that day’s selected game in any given week and you will automatically be given an extra £$€5 win or lose. That means that you can win everything as normal on your favourite slot game and still get that bonus £$€5 on top provided it is the selected game for that day. And even if you aren’t lucky to win back all your money this £$€5 fill up will surely soften the blow in a big way by giving you a little something to make it feel better.

You can even place this wager and receive your free money on any device that StanJames supports, that means whether you play the game on mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet or fancy calculator you’ll still be able to avail of this wonderful offer.

The following is a list of the games and what days they are giving out the £$€5 Daily Fill Up on. These games will not change week to week so with this list you will know what you have to play on any given day to get that bonus £$€5.

• Monday - Lights
• Tuesday - Red Riding Hood
• Wednesday - Piggy Riches
• Thursday - Scruffy Duck
• Friday - Twin Spin
• Saturday - Victorious
• Sunday - Reel Rush

All of these games are in the top games on StanJames and for very good reason, they are well-built and well-developed games each with their own fun and unique themes and artwork so you will be able to experience a variety of wonderful games every single day.

If you play each of these games on the day that they qualify then you will be able to get a sweet weekly bonus of £$€35 in your pocket on top of your normal winnings!

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