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What is Genting’s New Live Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em?

2017-08-10 07:34:41

By far one of the most popular poker games, even card games, has been Texas Hold ‘Em. It is generally what the general population means when they say “Poker”. The game has been popularised largely by film and TV since it is largely easy to see what is going on and you can pretty easily pull out a surprise hand for dramatic effect when one of you characters thinks everything is going well since all hands are kept secret by players. It was also used in Casino Royal (2006) as the main game against the maleficent Le Chiffre although in the original novel the game played was Baccarat or Chemin de Fer. Due to all this public exposure, it has well and truly entered the public zeitgeist and become so incredibly well known to both players and onlookers alike.

So, it is no surprise that some form of Texas Hold ‘Em would eventually make its way to the Genting Live Casino platform. And now that it has, it is most certainly making waves among the sites most dedicated and more casual visitors. Here’s a quick look at the game and how it works so you can get the best out of your time playing it.

How it Works

The Live Casino at Genting is truly one of the best things it has going for it, the quick and responsive games and the slick and cool design on all devices really put it a cut above the rest. If you don’t know by now, an online live casino is when the game is taking place in a dedicated casino and you can take part in it over a live stream of the table with a real dealer who runs the game from a real location. It is the closest you can really get to the experience of taking part in a game in a land casino and it has the added benefit of convenience as you can play from wherever on any device.

More specifically the Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em game at Genting Live Casino works a little different from the normal games you might play in a casino or around a table with some friends. Instead of having to bluff the other players at the table and compete with them during every hand you are simply playing against one person, the dealer. The winner of each hand is the one who gets the best hand from those laid out on the table and the ones in your hand whether that’s you or the dealer. Because of this there is no distractions or underhand tricks to watch out for from other players and there can be an unlimited amount of players at the table for any given game as you are all playing against the dealer at the same time.

Other than that the game is pretty much identical to the classic Texas Hold ‘Em that you know and love apart from the fact that you are only allowed to raise once which keeps the game going smoothly and quickly.

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