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What are Bux at SuperLenny Casino?

2017-07-31 11:59:43

Many casinos and online gaming websites have some sort of dedicated loyalty service that pays out in points or a currency that is designed to say thanks to the customers for their continued patronage and support. By far one of the best of these such systems is the SuperLenny Bux system. It is a scheme that is simple and easy to use as well as being altogether great for the customer and a real boon to the positive experience that they have at the SuperLenny site.

How to get Bux

Getting your own set of Bux at SuperLenny is both easy and fun to do. Fitting with the suave James Bond-esque charm and demeanour of the anthropomorphic SuperLenny mascot you must complete missions or assignments to earn these much coveted Bux.

Of course, these assignments are a far cry from anything you might have done in school. A) They are actually fun and you get to play real games and B) You will get a real and instant reward for completing them which adds to the fun in a major way.

These assignments can be found over at the SuperLenny site as they change from time to time but they are always a really fun way to get a little extra. Usually, the assignment will get you to play the bonus rounds of one of the fantastic games that the SuperLenny site is so well known for. As you do the assignment you will be able to see your progress and just how close you are to earning more bucks for your effort.

What to do with them

Once you have all of your Bux from completing the assignments you may be wondering what to do next, do you just look at them in your account like some sort of trophy? No siree, you actually get to use them on the site and get yourself something really great in return.

“But what can I get?” I hear you ask… well, when you have collected at least 10 Bux you can trade them in for free spins! That means that just through playing the games in the assignments you can earn yourself the chance to win big cash prizes for absolutely free. And of course the free spins at SuperLenny do not require you to make any sort of wagering requirements so you have nothing to worry about in that regard. It is important that you claim your SuperLenny Bux within 90 days of earning them or else they will expire and automatically be removed from your account.

To claim your free spins all you have to do is head over to the ‘Promotions’ page and click on ‘Bux’ then you get to choose which of the fabulous games available at SuperLenny to redeem your free spins on, you then slide the slider to the right to decide just how many of your Bux you want to exchange for free spins and then off you go to your favourite game where you can spin fro free and still have a shot at winning big!

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