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Watch every Horse Race at Coral for Free

2017-11-15 09:24:37

The Coral way of doing things is the right way, they not only offer you the very best in slots and casino games more numerous than you could imagine, but they also have an amazing sports-betting element to their site as well. This sports betting site has more than everything you need, it does, of course, have amazing odds for you to grab and make some money off of while watching your favourite sports but they also have a great set of auxiliary features that really help out in making your Coral experience all the more amazing.

One of these great additional features that Coral has to offer is all to do with its frankly amazing Horse Racing service. Horse racing is practically synonymous with betting and Coral knows this, that is why they are more than happy to provide you, the betting customer the ability to use some of the technological infrastructures that they have invested in to make your horse race betting career all the more exciting and fun at Coral.

Watch Free Races Every Day

What I am of course talking about here is the ability for Coral customers like you to head over to the Coral site any time you like and watch some of the world’s best horse racing action (when it’s on of course!). That’s right, you can stream any of the hundreds of live horse racers that Coral broadcasts by simply visiting their site and checking out the live horse racing extension on your computer or on your mobile device.

The way it works is simple, whenever you tune in and there is a race either happening or about to happen you will get to see a simulated version of the real thing unfolding right before your eyes! This simulation is as live as they come and thanks to the wonderful technological achievements made by the Coral team it is able to super accurately relay all of the information on horse positioning that you could possibly need. If you have made a bet on one of these horse races then this is a great way to stay abreast of the goings-on in the race and increase the tension and therefore the fun for yourself.

There are four main camera angles for you to watch the race unfold from, each as dynamic as the last. The first of the camera angles are the traditional trackside view which has been a staple of horse racing for ages now.

The second and third cameras primarily follow the 1st and 2nd favourites in the race so you can keep an eye on them as they charge ahead or fall behind a surprise winner.

The fourth and final camera is the most immersive of them all, it is known as ‘Saddle View’ and lets you take the view of the jockey as though you were actually running the race yourself! This is a really cool thing to play around with and gives you a great perspective on the whole race.

On the screen, there are also statistics of win statistics and such so you can really keep up to date with everything that matters in horse racing- winning!

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