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Want to know more about Roxy Palace?

2017-07-05 08:50:36

There’s a hell of a lot to be learned about Roxy Palace and here’s just some of it!

World Beaters

Roxy Palace seem to have put a large amount of emphasis on being available in as many countries as possible. Their website is available in a total of 7 different languages and they deal in 7 different currencies too! So odds are if you’re looking for a great casino website somewhere in the world Roxy Palace will have you covered.

Mobile Mad

The folks at Roxy Palace seem to have embraced the mobile gaming revolution. A lot of the sites who don’t do so end up being left behind by the unstoppable march of technology but Roxy Palace is adamant that it wants to be at the very forefront of the mobile world. Their site is fully compatible with Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads so regardless of what device you’re using you’ll be able to get on to Roxy Palace immediately.

All of their most popular games are also available to play on your smartphone or tablet and they will continue to add more and more as time goes on so you can play your favourite games from pretty much anywhere!

Social Butterflies

The Roxy Palace casino is one of, if not the best online casinos for the social aspect of online gaming. The dedicated social channels are designed with chat in mind and give you a fully interactive environment within the online casino.

Roxy Palace also have a great presence on social media where they post tonnes of cool content such as game announcements, news and new promotions so you can always know what’s happening at your favourite online casino. The best places to follow them for news and promotions are on their Twitter (@Roxy_Palace) and on their dedicated Facebook page.

You can also subscribe to Roxy Palace on YouTube (Roxy Palace Casino) where they upload loads of really great videos that highlight some of their very best games so you know what they’re all about before you play them.

Safe and Secure

Roxy Palace is very concerned with the security and safety of all of its customers with regards to both money and personal information. The level of encryption that the site has is second to none for online gaming websites so your information is safe as a house in this digital Fort Knox.

The website also puts a lot of stock in being transparent and honest with its customers, it lets you review your entire play history with its playcheck system and allows you to review every single deposit and withdraw you ever made with them so that you can be completely sure that it is all in order. Everything is so meticulously recorded and the playcheck system is so precise that a player can look at every single card that was dealt, every single place the roulette ball fell and every single bet they placed in their entire history of playing games on Roxy Palace.

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