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Virtual Sports at Paddy Power

2017-07-04 14:36:36

How? You might ask, well basically they’ve just imagined more events! The virtual sports at Paddy Power are much like their real counterparts in that their outcomes are random and it’s a huge amount of fun to put bets on their outcomes.

Where to Find Them

The virtual sports section of Paddy Power is rather easy to find. When you are on the front page of Paddy Power simply cast your eyes upward toward the black banner at the very top of the page. Here you will see the different services that Paddy Power have to offer and by clicking on one of them you will be brought directly to the page that is dedicated to that option. On this black banner look for the third option to the centre right of the page and you will see the word ‘Virtuals’. Click on this teasingly vague word and you will be linked to the Virtual sports page.

Here you can place your bets on any of the pretend races or matches they have to offer.

Virtual Horse Racing

Probably Paddy Power’s most popular virtual sports betting event and one that has been around for a long time. The set-up is simple, just place bets on who you expect to win or do a forecast/tricast to choose who you expect to place 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Just like in real racing each of the horses has different odds which you can use to weigh up your decision as two who you want to bet on. All you then have to do is sit back and watch the virtual race happen. The virtual race has all the tension and thrill of a real race but just happens more often.

Virtual Football

If football is more your thing then you can also place bets on Paddy Power’s regular virtual football matches. Paddy Power set two teams against each other and simulate the result allowing you to bet on who you think will win. There are a couple of different games you can bet on, such as Charlton Athletes vs Derby Rams and Zimbabwe vs North Korea, each with their own odds and expectations. You can place bets on who will win or if it will be a draw, what score it will be and how many goals there will be.


The set-up of the virtual tennis is very similar to that of the football, you place your bets on who wins, on how many points are scored and what the correct win score will be Then you simply let the simulation do its thing and see if you were right in your guesses.

Cycling, Motor Sports & Greyhounds

Due to the fact that these are all racing events, they are extremely similar to the horse racing set-up in that you bet on which racer you think will win. The only main difference is the flavour of the race so if you’re a fan of one of these more than the others you may want to place your bets on a particular one.

All of the results for all of these events can be viewed in the main Paddy Power results section along with all of the ‘real’ sports events.

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