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Trump's New Dedicated Bookmaker at Paddy Power

2017-08-11 06:21:08

Paddy Power are hoping to win big on Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency by appointing a devoted White House bookmaker. Joe Lee has been tasked with satisfying the world’s unyielding appetite for all things Trump with a selection of very unusual offers. The company aims to place itself as the world’s go to destination for Trump novelty bets with a comprehensive range of offers from the somewhat feasible to the downright bizarre.

Trump’s Right-Hand Man

The world’s fascination with the 45th president of the United States shows no signs of going away and Paddy Power are keen to cash in on the phenomenon. Back in March Paddy Power launched its campaign to find “a head of Trump betting” attracting over 100 candidates. The ideal candidate was described as having “substantial experience with fake tan”, “an ability to detect fake news” and “a better understanding of global politics than Donald Trump” while being multilingual with an ability to decode “Trumpisms” was a distinct advantage.