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Time is not on Trump's side according to Betfair

2017-05-29 10:01:12

After Donald Trump’s sacking of FBI director James Comey and the revelation of his sharing of intelligence with Russia, Betfair believe that Trump may well be forced out of office.

Early Problems

Even before Donald Trump officially took office, the problems had already begun for him. It was never going to be an easy job replacing Barack Obama but nobody could’ve seen that Trump would have actually made as many blunders in his first four months. Betfair punters are backing Trump to leave before the end of his first term in their droves.

Betting against The Trump

Previously in US politics at this early stage of a presidency cycle, markets on Betfair would be focused on long-term scenarios. Recently more than 5K was bet against Donald Trump managing to make it through his first four years of the presidency. The odds on Betfair have plummeted to an astonishing 13/5 for Trump to leave the White House in 2017. At Betfair you can back Donald Trump to leave before the end of his first term at 1/1. This is very good value at Betfair. If you feel that Trump will manage to hang on for this year but that 2018 will see him leave, Betfair offer odds of 5/1 on Trump leaving in 2018.

Considering all things Trump, 5/1 appears like great odds from Betfair. The process of a president actually having to leave is a slow one so Trump leaving in 2017 might be a bit hasty. However, according to Betfair, if Trump is still in office in 2018, it almost certain that he will continue to make blunder after blunder. How many scandals can Trump survive? Not that much more, according to Betfair.

Misplaced Loyalties

The one thing keeping Trump in the White House, for now, is the loyalty from his base, the Republicans are loyal and according to Betfair, this is what will keep him in power for the short-term anyway. After each outrageous outburst, Trump and his colleagues change the story around to try to paint himself in a good light. He constantly blames the media and others but Betfair know that this strategy isn’t going to last forever and almost certainly not another three and a half years. How stupid does he think other people are, after all?

From Russia, with love?

According to Betfair, the recent events regarding the releasing of intelligence to Russia could lead to his own followers doubting if they made the right choice in supporting Donald Trump from the start. Betfair believe that there will now be long and detailed investigations into Russian connections which surely won’t bode well for the US president. Trump appears to be running out of allies and people are turning away once coveted jobs in his administration.

For all the latest odds on all things related to Donald Trump, keep an eye on Betfair who appear to know what’s coming.

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