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These New Games will be the Next Big Thing at NextCasino

2017-08-21 10:14:10

At NextCasino they know that it is in their very best interests to bring brand new games to their loyal and valued customers. Customers generally have a couple of games that they will always go back to, ones that they love more than any other and will always be ‘The Classics’ in their hearts. Maybe they won big on one of these games one time and have decided to keep at it for similar results or maybe they just like the look and feel of it. Either way, these games will always bring a certain core group of players back to them every time.

So what adding new games does to a site is gives these people who have a pocket full of favourites a chance to try something new, and who knows maybe add another favourite to their list. This is good for the site because it will mean that people will not only be playing the classics but also diversifying their game choice and spreading their wagers. Adding new games really is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Here are some of the new games recently added to NextCasino for that express purpose.

Wild Play Superbet

If you like neon colour schemes and fast paced action then this slot from NextGen is definitely for you. The game features some really classic symbols and gameplay mechanics along with a whole bunch of really awesome bonuses that can see you winning big off the back of them. It is with these bonuses that the game really shines and I highly recommend that you head over to NextCasino right away to get a full taste of them for yourself.


The name of this game really doesn’t give away much as to what you will see and do while you play it. The game offers a stunning yet classical and refined aesthetic that takes all its cues from the medieval period. The Elk Studios game is pretty much a perfect balance between the more traditional slot games and the faster paced, bonus filled slot games of today. The 3 reel action and earthy background harkens back to a time of simpler slots but the five extra bonus levels show that this game has a hell of a lot more depth than one might thing at first glance. These bonuses let you rack up major bonuses as you play which increase your win amount substantially.

The bonuses are laid out like so:

  • Level 1: win 25x your stake to level up and receive a 3x multiplier
  • Level 2: win 25x your stake to level up and receive a 4x multiplier
  • Level 3: win 200x your stake to level up and receive a 5x multiplier
  • Level 4: win 200x your stake to level up and receive a 6x multiplier
  • Level 5: earn the chance to win a prize worth 3000x your stake


Just like with the dolls after which this Thunderkick game is named there is a hell of a lot more to this game than might initially meet the eye. The game features a ‘Wild’ system and the Wild for this game is the Wild Egg, which acts as a replacement for all symbols. The Wild may land on the middle reel only. What’s more, if the Wild Egg occurs with a star, it may randomly activate any of the following features: Scare Bear, Charm Bear, or Dance Bear.

If the Scare Bear feature is activated, the lowest value symbols will be upgraded, up to 3 times. During the Charm Bear feature, all symbols on the reels will be upgraded for one level, once only. Dance Bear feature awards 7 Free Spins, during which, the new Wild symbol occurs on the middle reel upon every spin.

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