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The social side to Bingo at William Hill

2017-06-26 14:53:47

Bingo has the reputation of being a social game, highly popular in the UK and frequented by ladies. With that in mind, playing bingo at William Hill online might seem an oxymoron at first. Sitting in front of a computer or mobile phone, playing one of the most sociable casino games out there: How is that possible?

Social Media brings Bingo enthusiasts together

Playing bingo on William Hill online needn't be a solitude exercise. In fact, one number shows the opposite. On Twitter - the social media platform where people connect and engage with one another - William Hill bingo has almost 3,000 followers. That is 3,000 people who feel just as enthusiastic about bingo as other William Hill players do.

But that's not the only advantage of William Hill and its social side to bingo. Players that follow William Hill bingo on Twitter (or indeed other media outlets) have the latest promotions, tips and information at their fingertips.

Currently, William Hill Bingo is offering players a £$€5 bonus. The offer is only valid for tonight. Players that use social media would hear about such offers first and - more importantly - fast enough to claim the bonus before the promotion ends.

Besides promotions, William Hill bingo additionally runs community room specials. A community room in online bingo is, in essence, a virtual version of what playing bingo looks like in 'the real world'. To find out when the community room opens, and to learn more about the type of bingo that is being played, William Hill bingo's social feeds are a great go-to source. The company publishes not only prices for community room games but also announces specials, such as half-price bingo tickets.

Spectacular Exclusives!

In real life, bingo isn't just all about numbers and getting them right. It's about the banter and the laughs. William Hill bingo does a great job of replicating this online. The online casino frequently offers quizzes that are exclusive to its Twitter followers. These will make your cry (because the answer is at the tip of your tongue) and laugh (when you find out what the answer is) all at once.

At the moment, many William Hill bingo fans are engrossed in the casino's #GuessTheYear game. Every week, the company publishes an image on Twitter and asks its followers to guess a year that relates to the image. For example, this week William Hill Bingo showed the image of a sheep. Guess what? The year, William Hill bingo was looking for was 1997, the year in which scientists announced the existence of Dolly the sheep.

You won't get that in a conventional Bingo hall!

Social media exclusives at William Hill are more than just good fun. The winners in the competition frequently win a bingo bonus and get applauded via Twitter. While not a single person guessed 1997 this week, the previous competition saw three lucky winners win a £$€3 bingo bonus for William Hill bingo.

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