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The future of online gambling is Betfair Mobile!

2017-06-22 14:30:00

The way in which we consume digital content is changing rapidly. The time spent on the Internet via mobile phones now exceeds the time spent on the Internet via Desktop PC. By introducing Betfair mobile, the leading British gaming and betting site Betfair was among the first to embrace the potential this shift holds for online gaming and betting.

Betfair mobile can be divided into two categories: a mobile version of the Betfair website and several Betfair mobile apps.

Cool features of the Betfair mobile website: Top 4

1. Easy navigation
The Betfair mobile site allows players to navigate through their website via their mobile with ease, whether its casino games or sports betting one is interested in. The menu is intuitive and switching to other offers, even if you are currently streaming a horse race, is super easy.

2. Integrated information
Some companies struggle to provide punters with all the information they desire within the much smaller frame that mobile versions offer; not so, Betfair mobile. The Betfair mobile version integrates additional information via its Timeform feature, alongside the basic betting and gaming functionalities.

3. Speed
One of the main features that makes or breaks a mobile version of a betting and gaming site, is its speed. Betfair mobile loads super fast and since no download is required, won't take up much of your phone's storage.

4. Live Video and more
Betfair mobile has recently upgraded and now comes with live video streaming of sporting events. To benefit from Betfair's expertise within the world of sports, it has introduced a feature to its mobile version called Betting.Betfair. Betting.Betfair allows you to read superb tips and insights from well-known tipsters.

"By integrating Live Video alongside expert content from Timeform and Betting Betfair. Our customers will have the best information to place their bets and can then enjoy the thrill of the action live in the same place," commented Sylvie McDermott, Head of Mobile at Betfair.

Here's why the Betfair mobile app rules: Top 4

1. Download is quick and simple
To get the Betfair mobile app for casino or sports, you simply have to scan the QR code found on the Betfair website. Alternatively, you can download the app from the Apple App Store. Also, it's free!

2. The App Directory
Betfair provides a useful app directory that shows which apps are currently available via Betfair mobile, as well as apps that are compatible integrations. The App Directory outlines neatly what the available apps offer. Currently, one of the most exciting apps is the Tipping Sports app which aggregates tips so that you will never again miss a tip, and subsequently, miss out on a chance to win big.

3. Compatible
Betfair mobile apps are available for Android and iOS, for older versions and newer versions. This means that it doesn't matter which phone you own (unless it's really old!), the apps will be available to you.

4. There's no stopping you
This might be an obvious advantage of the Betfair mobile app; yet, it is probably its biggest advantage. With the Betfair mobile app you can play wherever you are. Just imagine how exciting your waits at the bus stop could become, or how profitable your time spent on your morning commute could end up being.

In sum, mobile is where your future lies. Don't be late and get on Betfair mobile now.

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