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The Complaints Procedure at Bet365

2017-09-29 09:32:07

Of course, Bet365 don’t ever want you to feel like you have the need to hand them any sort of complaint about your experience at their site, they say themselves that their aim is to ensure that all customers always have a great experience when using their services. However, they recognise there are occasions where they may not have been able to meet your expectations and may have caused you some sort of issues as a direct result of something they have overlooked in their customer experience quality assurance. If this happens to be the case then they want to have a quick and easy way to voice your dissatisfaction so that they can remedy your ill and learn from their mistakes.

The Bet365 customer service team is one of the most highly trained in the business at resolving any queries in order to provide a satisfactory outcome so you will probably not even have to go as far as the complaint process in the first place. On the rare occasions where this is not possible, you can request for your complaint to be escalated to a senior team member, who will independently review and seek a resolution to your complaint.

Making a Complaint

Should you wish to raise a complaint, you can do so via Live Chat, Email, Telephone, Web Message or Post.