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The ComeOn! Casino Shop is Open for Business!

2017-12-01 11:30:22

When you play all of your favourite games over at ComeOn! you will not only be in with a hundred and one chances of winning brilliant cash prizes in the form of jackpots and other winnings but you will also be collecting what are known as ComeOn! points!

If you don’t know what the point of these ComeOn! points you are incidentally collecting is then you are truly missing out on something very big. They are not only for show these points but instead, you can use them in order to get yourself some really sweet rewards and bonuses.

How? You might be asking, well the answer is really rather simple (also at the top of this page). The place you spend your hard-earned ComeOn! points is the awesome ComeOn! Casino Shop!

The shop is a great place to spend your points as it has a fantastic couple of things that not only use up your points (which is quite satisfying) but also spending your points here will allow you to be in with a chance to win even more money than you would have from your games on the site alone. They do this through their awesome Lotteries, Free Money Bonuses and Reload deposit bonuses. Each of these is as valuable as the last and will have you coming back to the site, again and again, to play more and earn more ComeOn! points as you go.


Who doesn’t love a good lottery? They are such a great way to win some pretty huge cash prizes for rather small wagering amounts. The Bombastic and Campione lotteries have draws every Thursday and Sunday giving you the chance to win some quick extra cash. You can also buy entry into the occasional special lotteries which offer even more amazing prizes!