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The Cashback King Weekends at JackpotJoy

2017-08-09 11:35:23

Weekends are great, aren’t they? For most people, it’s the time of the week where you can kick back and relax while watching your favourite shows on telly and playing some great online games to pass the time. Wouldn’t it be even better if the weekend also brought with it a special promotion that you could avail of at your favourite online gaming site JackpotJoy? Well, you’re in luck, not only do JackpotJoy have a huge amount of boredom crushing games for you to play throughout the week and the weekend but they also have a wonderful offer for you to sink your teeth into when the weekend does finally roll around.

They call this promotion the ‘Cashback King Weekends’ offer and it is called that for a very good reason. This offer takes away some of, if not all of the sting that comes from a less-than-successful session of playing your favourite games. It does this by giving you some of your money back that you may have lost while playing the games on their site over the course of the weekend. The promotion covers any Casino or Casino Mini Games excluding slots that are played between 00:01 on Saturday morning and 23:59 on Sunday night.

That’s right, if you play any Casino or Casino Mini Game, which does include any wagers placed on games in the wonderful Live Casino (but not slots), then you can get a percentage of your losses pumped right back into your account. “How much do you get back?” I hear you ask, well the generous folks over at JackpotJoy are making sure that you are treated well at the site and have decided upon offering you, the player, the rather kind sum of 10% of your overall losses. This means that if you lose £$€50 on any given weekend they will put a total of £$€5 back into your account with no questions asked and no hidden charges. All this just for playing your favourite games during the best part of the week!

Here’s how you can get your hands on this promotion. First of all, you will have to head over to the JackpotJoy site and go to the ‘Promotions’ section of the site. Then find the ‘Cashback King Weekends’ promotion and click on the button that says ‘Take Part’. This will bring you to another page where you will be able to opt-in to the promotion as long as you are logged in to your JackpotJoy account.

Then, when the weekend comes around and you have a bunch of spare time on your hands to relax and play the best games that the site has to offer you will need to go to your favourite game (or least favourite, it doesn’t matter much) and play at least a total of £$€50 over your time playing to qualify for the promotion and get that 10% cash back from your losses. It is a nice way to get a little bit more from your experience and adds to your weekend enjoyment that bit more. Even if you forget that it is there then it will be a nice surprise to find that you have gotten a chunk of your money back from your weekend gaming sessions.

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