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The Bore Draw Money Back Offer at Bet365

2017-08-10 06:44:49

Football is oft-criticised by those who follow other sports (particularly Americans) of having low score lines which they feel is a damning example of the game being boring to watch. And, while there is so much more to a football match than loads of goals one can kind of see where they’re coming from sometimes. When you’re looking forward to a big match between two teams with star strikers that promise high goal tallies and huge earth shattering goals a 0-0 draw can sometimes leave you feeling a little cheated.

The feeling is then made worse if you happen to have placed a bet on a final that you just knew would happen because you had faith in the boots of your team’s goal-scorers and had mistrust in the hands of the opponent’s keeper. Clean sheets on both sides mean nobody wins, both on the pitch and off the pitch so it can be a little frustrating to see.

That is why Bet365 have come in with this awesome offer that turns those unfortunate 0-0 situations into great opportunities. That’s right, even when you lose on a bet that comes out as a 0-0 draw you can still get your money back on your bet as a little sweetener on the usually dreary experience.

They call it the ‘Bore Draw Money Back’ which may be a bit of a strange name but really all you need to know is contained within it. They’re giving you the chance to get your money back on what they call a ‘boring draw’ (a 0-0 draw) when you place a bet on a positive score line.

Their major selling point of this offer is this: “Don't let a blank score sheet bore you again with our fantastic Bore Draw Money Back offer” and it really does work, when you are feeling bored by a game that is going towards a 0-0 conclusion you can gain some solace in the fact that you will get your money back if you have a bet placed on it. This means that you reduce the overall risk of putting money down on a match meaning that you can bet with more confidence because you know that you can get all of your money back even if the bet doesn’t go your way and it ends up being a 0-0 snore fest.

You may be asking what bets are eligible for such an offer, well Bet365 have you covered here, they say that “A pre-match bet on ANY of our Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast markets for ANY Soccer match, and if the game finishes 0-0, we will refund your stake if the bet loses.” So you will more than likely be able to qualify for this offer in the bet you have made.

The offer will of course not apply when the winnings have been cashed out before the full-time whistle and if they are partially cashed out then only the remaining active stake will be subject to the offer and so only that will be refunded which is fair enough really.

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