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The Best New MicroGaming Slots!

2017-09-27 10:32:32

Microgaming is one of the very best in the game at the moment, they produce some of the most popular online slot games that can be found pretty much everywhere in the online gaming world. It is hard to find an online casino that does not have at least a couple of Microgaming slots in their libraries.

That is for a very good and obvious reason, the games that Microgaming make are some of the very best in the business and are extremely popular for that very reason. They also have a huge history of people winning massive jackpots from their games, they have made a whole lot of people a whole lot richer and have made many a millionaire in the process.

All of the above is why it is practically a red letter day in the online gaming community every time Microgaming releases a new slot game to the world. And for that reason here is a look at some of the best new games that Microgaming have to offer and that are available on just about every platform out there.


Who doesn’t love the idea of a great emoticon/emoji-themed online slot game? They are the new way to communicate in a lot of ways and have perforated popular culture so much that they have their very own $50 Million animated movies (though the less said about that the better).