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Take control of your bets with Coral Cashout!

2017-07-13 08:58:15

Coral Cashout

Cash Out is a live feature which allows you settle your bet before the event finishes, giving you the control to take a return when you want.
In order to Cash Out your bets simply head on over to the cashout coral site whenever you would like to.

How to Cash Out

After every bet that you place in one of Coral’s many shops, you'll receive a betting receipt. Each of these receipts contains a unique 7 letter Cash Out Code which is, for easiness’ sake, located just above the barcode. The code will never include numbers, only letters. Enter this unique 7 letter Cash Out code over at the cashout coral website and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

You can then view all the Cash Out options that are available to you. If you have placed more than one bet on the same coupon, you will be offered a separate Cash Out value for each of your bets. Each of your values will be displayed on the page before you decide to cash out so if you would like to wait for a while and hope they increase in value you can do so.

After this, you have to press the orange Cash Out button to Cash Out your bet. You'll be asked if you are sure you want to Cash Out. If you wish to continue, press 'Confirm'. Cash Out is a live feature, so you can expect there to be a short wait while the system checks whether your Cash Out option is still available or not as the circumstances may have changed since you submitted your Cash Out code. When you receive a green successful message your Cash Out is confirmed.

You can then collect your winnings at a Coral location of your choosing. So you can get your hands on your cash whenever you want it whether it’s a small fortune or a big one. It is important to note however that if your bet slip has more than one bet running on it, you will need to wait until each and every one of your bets have settled before you can collect your Cash Out winnings.

Connect Bets

You can also get your winnings transferred directly into your Coral account if you have a connect account. This brings your physical bets placed in a coral store into sync with your personal Coral account online and is a very handy way of doing things as your winnings can then be placed on other bets or be used in the countless coral casino games on offer.

You can Cash Out a shop bet placed with your Connect card in exactly the same way as a cash bet. Alternatively, you can log into your account and Cash Out through the Coral Sportsbook.Bets placed with your Connect card are marked as 'Placed in shop' so nothing really changes apart from the added flexibility you get from one of these bets.

After you've cashed out your bets, your winnings will be credited to your account instantly. The Cash Out System is great if you want your cash fast from any of your bets or if you think your bet might prove to be a loser and want to get out of it with your winnings intact.

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